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I am D2H

I'm a Chicago DJ. I learned on vinyl starting in the late 80's spinning mostly house music, which I had come to love during my days going to Mendel, Sauer's, The Playground, and ultimately, The Music Box where I watched Ron Hardy help create the music live.  I got out of the dj game in 1991 and wouldn't return until 2014.  By then, electronics were everywhere, from DVS, to controllers.  It was a learning process.  But I love music, across genres and generations, from house, to R&B/soul, to hip hop, pop, and rock. There is something great to be heard in each, from Steely Dan, to H.E.R. to Anderson Paak. I play open format sets for the parties I arrange, but am able to do straight soul, R&B, hip hop, house, rock, or pop sets when asked.  

Feel free to join me for any public event on my calendar, especially if you love music too.

I am available for corporate and private events.  Contact me via social media or 312-498-4177 for a quote.

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